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Day 27- Tanzania

Mmmm Samosas


I had little sleep in this morning, sore and tired after my trek. I had a big breakfast of African samosas (my new favourite food) and other delights washed down with an African herbal tea. Mmmm the samosas... Just thinking of them makes my mouth water. Never have I ever tried such good samosas (and I am not usually a samosa fan). They were so crisp and flavorsome. It was then off to the bus (taking some samosas as a snack) for my trip to the airport. Throughout the bus trip I slept most of the way, dreaming of the life changing experience of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and of all the lovely people I met. The trip went a lot quicker this time and before I knew it I was booking into my hotel at the airport. I than decided to go out for a walk to grab some dinner. When I was walking down the street you'll never guess what happened. I was pushed over by a man and he then tripped over my feet. When he fell a bag and gun fell out of his backpack. I quickly kicked it away and asked for help. The police was called and I had to help them investigate. I was a bit worried I was going to miss my flight the next day so I made it clear that I had to leave the next day. They told me that would be fine, however, I needed to be on standby in case I was needed in court (which fortunately they would pay for with the help of my insurance). As soon as I was let out of the police station I contacted the Australian Embassy and told them my situation. I then contacted my airlines just in case there was a problem and notified my insurance. Fortunately, I was told that I should be able to leave the next day. Brekkie_feast.jpgstopping_t..he_tortoise.jpg

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Day 28- Plane To Australia

Day 28


It was very sad to leave Africa and all the animals and samosas, but I was excited to get home. I couldn't believe that my month of travelling was now over. I had, had so many great experiences that I will hold with me for the rest of my life and I indulged in so much delicious food. This holiday has been good for me as it has taught me so much about how lucky I am to live in Australia. It made me realize that I really took living in Australia for granted. Saying_goodbye.jpgLeaving.jpg

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Day 26- Tanzania

I Am On Top Of The World!


I made it. I, Sarah Herington, have conquered Mt Kilimanjaro! It was an experience that I will never forget. I will treasure every part of it forever.

The adventure started with a quick briefing. During the briefing I sat there extremely nervous in my boots and coat but I was determined. We commenced with walking through the rainforest to the Mandara encampment where I got to see so many African animals up close. They were all so much bigger than I thought. The thousands of pink flamingos near the lake was a breathtaking sight. Standing only 10 feet away from a giraffe made me feel like an ant compared to human. We than trekked to the Maundi Crater. It was a great way to see the surroundings including Northern Tanzania and Kenya. In the rainforest Eucalyptus trees filled with bird life and Colobus monkeys towered over me. As I walked under a branch I nearly got taken out by a flying seed as it fell from the hands of a monkey. We then made our way to Mandara Hut where we set up camp. Day 2 of the trek we left the glades of the rainforest and followed an ascending path on the open moorlands to Horombo Hunt were our camp was set up. During this day the views of Mawenzi and the summit of Kibo were amazing. The plants that grew in the area were incredible. The giant lobelia, with a towering flower spike, caught my attention. The grounsels did as well. They were enormous and bulges coming out of anywhere. Day 3 I noticed the change in vegetation from upper heathland to 'moonscape'. We walked passed the last water point and up onto the saddle of Kilimanjaro between the peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi. The track was continuous and there was not much to see. My legs were started to ache, my shoulders and back were getting sore and the altitude was getting to me. I was having a moment of doubt. I didn't know if I would be able to make, however, by the support and the encouragement of my team I managed to reach camp. At the camp I experienced my worst case of altitude sickness, as I vomited numerous times. I went to sleep early in hope I would be fine for the final climb. The next day, Day 4, was epic. I had overcome my sickness and was rearing to go! We left at 2am in the morning to reach the summit. We commenced our climb over the steep and dense scree of snow up to Gilman's point. Navigating with a head torch was extremely difficult. We went extremely slowly, pole by pole. I was scared of falling and landing on my sore wrist. We continued up the hard yakka of a hill to Uhuru Peak (the highest point in Africa). Once at the top there were unbelievable views at every way I turned. Looking out over Africa I felt like I was on top of the world. It would have been impossible to wipe the smile of accomplishment off my face. The dramas of the day before had been washed away. We soon had to leave the magical sight behind and started our descend to Horombo encampment. Walking down the hill was hard on the knees, but my mind was in a good frame of mind, so the pain didn't bother me. On Day 5 we continued our trek down the mountain. We went through the moorland to the Mandara Hut for a quick snack. While I was eating my snack I met a naughty blue monkey hiding in the forests that stole my apple! After our snack we continued our trek down through lush forests to the National Park gate at Marangu where we had another stop where I watched a 2 lion cubs play. Our final descent was a bit wet and muddy but was a great way to the end the trek. Once the trek was complete, and I was on the bus back to Moshi, I looked up to Mt Kilomajaro and thought I have been on the top of that. Meeting_the_flamingos.jpgThe_king.jpgThe_climb.jpgFeeling_small.jpggiant_lobelias.jpggrounsel.jpgLunch_stealer.jpgWalking.jpgThe_walking_crew.jpgadmiring_the_sunrise.jpgSunrise_from_the_top.jpgCamping_out.jpgColobus_monkey.jpg

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Day 21- Tanzania

It's Dark... Don't Look Out The Window


I had a quick brekkie and departed on the small coach that would take me out to the destination near were my trek would start tomorrow. Looking out the window during the day I was so excited. I couldn't stop 'ahhhing' and 'ohhhing' as we drove past numerous African animals. I was amazed by their size, patterns and elegance. Looking at the puzzling shaped trees I got my sketch pad out and tried to draw them as we wiggled down the windy roads that made the trip take forever! Dark soon approached and I watched the sunset in the savanna. It was nothing like the sunsets we get at home. It was beautiful and looked as though it swallowed the whole plain. Once it was gone though the whole 'exciting' atmosphere disappeared and I was a bit scared for my safety. I had been warned by many people not to be out and about during dark. I shut my curtains as best I could and sat with my eyes shut until we arrived at my motel. I quickly ran inside, locked the door and got ready for bed. savanna.jpgSpying_Mt_Kilomanjaro.jpgSunset_.jpgSunset.jpg

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Day 20- Tanzania

'Jambo' Tanzania


After nearly a day and night of flying I arrived in Da Es Salaam. Driving to my hotel I was a bit disappointed as not only was it wet and miserable but the city looked a lot like any ordinary city, however, I knew once I got out of town everything would change. I arrived at my motel, dumped my bags and went out and got some decent food from Epi D’Or Cafe bakery and restaurant. I had a feast under the tents set up. The samosas were to die for. I then went back to my hotel and prepared myself for my adventure ahead. Dar_Es_Salaam_Airport.jpgBreads_at__Epi_D_Or_Cafe.jpgSamosas.jpg

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